Hikari Takanashi is a main character in Demi-chan wa Kataritai.



A vampire by nature, she requires blood to sustain her biological well-being. Unlike common depiction of Vampires however, she is very active, cheerful, full-spirited, and is more than capable of eating garlic.

She also refrains from biting others' necks (though she does have fantasies about doing so, but doesn't due to her unwavering kindness.) Instead, she takes sustenance from government issued blood-pack/ alternatives such as tomato juice.

Being a demi-human living with a normal human sister as well as human dominant society, she keeps a highly optimistic outlook of the future and a somewhat aloof image, often helping other demi-humans in gaining more confident perspective of themselves in dire times.

Ironically, she doesn't like bright lights all too much despite her name literally translating to Light. She never wishes to put her classmates in a darkened room just for her convience.

Quirky, cute, confident, kind, and caring, she can quickly become the center of attention but nevertheless puts others' well-being first in her own ways.


Himari Takanashi

Tetsuo Takahashi

Kyouko Machi

Yuki Kusakabe

Sakie Satou



  • She likes Liver and Tomato Juice.
  • She gets supplied with blood packs once a month.
  • She has no experience with Love, but she has lots of knowledge.
  • Her hair resembles bat ears.


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