Kurtz is a minor character. He is described by Ugaki to be a "Ultimate defense machine against Demi's". He is shown to posses amazing physical prowess when he attacked Ugakii and pinned him down


A short person with light blond hair down to his nape, which is parted on his left side. He also has blue eyes. He was determined to be very attractive by Sakie Satou.


Despite his reserved appearance. Kurtz is actually shown to be quite childish. Refusing to do what Ugaki says unless he is given Takoyaki. Kurtz is also a horrible liar, known to stutter and stop before answering when asked a question. though observant and sincere, He is also quite gullible, when Yuusuke Satake tried showed off his unsolicited pictures of Sakie, his teacher, Kurtz saw what was going on and took the phone, claiming that Yuusuke only liked Sakie because she was a succubus. He was tricked into giving back the phone when Yuusuke explained that the reason he liked Sakie was because she was "A total Babe." and not because she was a succubus.



Ugaki is Kurtz's superior. Though Ugaki acts more like a father-figure than a boss. This is shown when Kurtz is scolded like a child when attacking Ugaki by accident and further showcased when Kurtz refuses to follow orders unless given Takoyaki in return.


  • Kurtz is German
  • His name means "Short in Stature"
  • Kurtz is mostly used as a surname, meaning that Kurtz may only be his last name
  • Due to not being affected by Miss Sakie, it is theorized among the fandom that Kurtz may be either a inccubus, or gay.


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