Ugaki is a minor character.




A detective who works for the Demi-Human Crimes Division, he actually finds himself rarely dealing with cases involving demis in recent history compared to how things used to be, which he attributes to society becoming more open-minded and accepting of differences. The exception to this is the necessity of his work involving demis with innate abilities that can influence the volition of others harmfully. Specifically, succubi and incubi. This part of his profession seems to cause him a certain amount of distress; he cites his work as essentially needing to constantly interrogate them over a crime they may or may not even do, and worse as having to browbeat succubi or incubi who are victims of actual sexual harassment over whether or not they were "asking for it."


Sakie Satou

He's known her since childhood.[1] The two have an almost father-daughter relationship, with Sakie at one point remarking Ugaki has done more for her than her actual father ever did.

After realizing that Tetsuo is the man who has Sakie's affection, Ugaki offers her encouragement and advice on approaching Tetsuo, though with limited results. This is not due to any shortcomings in Ugaki's advice as much as it is because of Tetsuo's politeness and understanding nature.


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